High quality talent pool of legal professionals.

Amicorp is well equipped to support the execution of legal advice, with in-house lawyers specialized in Common or Civil Law and experienced in multiple jurisdictions.

Amicorp has the expertise and resources to support, provide solutions and help organizations leverage their strategy to expand their commercial potentials, through a high quality talent pool of legal professionals. We help clients reduce costs incurred in their legal processes and more importantly, have their associates focus on spending more time with clients, thereby creating greater value for the organization.

Legal Outsourcing Services

The main criteria for deriving value from such services is the level of maturity of the delivery processes we adopt. We maintain consistent delivery through quality control, training, mentoring and productivity improvements.

Our services:

  • Full back-office solutions with regard to reviewing and processing applications for various requirements, like bank opening forms and immigration documents.
  • Processing of various filings with respect to regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • Research on relevant laws, regulations and legal articles.
  • Monitoring and reviewing governments’ new and existing regulations to understand the impact on the business and thus create regulatory risk management plans.
  • Regulatory compliance support by mapping gaps between the organization’s policies and complex regulations, tracking systems and reminder services.
  • Draft minutes, correspondence and other related documents.