Each solution is tailored to client’s need.

Specialized in sourcing data from various origins across the web, as well as analysing, translating and handling this data into the required format.
Data Sourcing Services

In present times, data is used to solve business problems, to innovate better than competitors and to generate higher profits. With data mining and data extraction services, Amicorp is able to extract information out of unstructured or structured data and integrate this data in clients’ systems. This ranges from legal data to financial data and each solution is tailored to client’s need.

By using automated scripts and/or manual searches, sourcing is executed and various data required by Amicorp’s clients is being collected. If required this data can be translated, further analysed and extracted to be prepared in the format which is required by the client and the client’s systems.

Amicorp’s data team is prepared to handle data in a wide variety of languages, including languages from all major Asian countries, (Latin) American and some European countries.

In addition to these services, Amicorp offers a unique scanning service which combines years of technological innovation with manual checks and balances to obtain 100% recognition. The streamlined process of the scanning service offers significant benefits for processing volumes of documentation, such as financial documents like invoices and bank statements and other documents like legal documents and forms.

For the scanning of the financial documents, we offer standard connections with a broad range of accounting packages, including cloud solutions. If required the digitalized information can be completed with a booking proposal or an immediate booking.

We add value by offering you a simplified process, designed to minimize repetitive administrative tasks and focus on the end result. To keep pace with evolving platforms and formats, we also work with uploads of receipts/invoices made by a smartphone app.