Independent consolidation of investment statements, with sophisticated analysis and report options.

Amicorp provides independent consolidation of investment statements, with sophisticated analysis and report options. All assets including alternative investments can be included.

Our Investment Portfolio Administration Services are designed to remove the pressure of administrative burdens and allow you to focus on what you do best. Our solution provides consolidation of investment statements to investment managers, private bankers and high net worth individuals. Investors obtain clear reports on the total value of their portfolios with valuable information on the distribution of the portfolio across different banks, investment institutions, markets, currencies, investment vehicles, types of securities, as well as the value and performance of the respective portfolios. The service provides control over the portfolios and risks can easily be monitored and managed. Investment decisions are easier to arrive at when you have one single consolidated view.

Investment Portfolio Services

As an additional service and upon request, Amicorp can perform active asset monitoring. Reports can be generated according to the client’s requirements or preferences. The main reporting options include performance reports showing:

  • Historical performance graphs with changes in portfolio value over time
  • Performance per industry sector / bank / investment type

Service advantages

  • Portfolio analyses at a consolidated level along with graphical representations (meeting Global Investment Performance Standards)
  • An online portal and single view reports give full insight into the historical and actual value of the portfolios, and all assets including custom securities can be added
  • Offering several benchmarks and the asset allocation against the desired allocation. These are available at any given moment if required, for Trustees, Managing Partners, etc.
  • The automated approach towards data extraction and processing (from hard and soft copies) ensures timeliness and accuracy and allows the re-use of information for accounting purposes
  • We can receive multiple portfolio statements directly from the client or can obtain them through secure online access (provided by banks and asset managers) and store the portfolio statements on secure servers, before consolidations are performed. The report can be produced under the logo or brand of your own office